About Oregon Voice

Oregon Voice strengthens the collective political impact of a broad network of community and advocacy organizations who serve traditionally underrepresented communities. Our goal is to prioritize a data-driven approach, support year-round civic engagement and facilitate a culture of collaboration.

Oregon Voice is an affiliate of the national State Voices network, and as such we provide shared resources, technology and support, particularly for mobilizing members and voters to have a greater impact on issues and the public policy process.

Core Values

  • Prioritize underrepresented constituencies
  • Community organizing that is representative, democratic and participatory
  • Innovation, and a culture of experimentation that maximizes impact
  • Collaboration among partners that fosters higher aspirations and scale
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Leverage resources and promoting efficient use of resources

Core Strategies

  • Bring together partner organizations to increase civic engagement and advance a shared vision of equity, democracy and justice
  • Conduct research and evaluation to learn best practices in civic engagement
  • Provide trainings, tools, resources, data and technology to improve year-round civic engagement
  • Facilitate collaboration among table members to reach scale and reduce duplication

Central Long Range Goals

  • Grow political power among traditionally underrepresented communities
  • Build a collective mission and shared agenda
  • Foster, incubate and support collaborative organizing
  • Increase table organizations' ability to conduct year-round civic engagement & policy efforts
  • Promote innovation, experimentation and effectiveness

Two-Year Outcome Goals

  • Foster and coordinate one to two collaborative organizing projects (on voter registration, education or GOTV)
  • Increase the number of organizations using data and technology tools to advance civic engagement
  • Conduct program evaluation to build the body of knowledge on effective civic engagement
  • Introduce new language and ideas into the political environment/debate

Annual Priorities (Program Work)

  • Conduct trainings for table organizations
  • Increase the number of organizations using VAN and data tools effectively
  • Develop and launch a collaborative organizing project
  • Complete work associated with the communications/research/values based messaging grant

Benefits of Membership

• Networking/new friendships with progressive leaders and professional development opportunities

• Tools (predictive dialer, patch-through calls, phone or walking lists, scripts, email blast)

• Fundraising help (regrants, FunderMatch, cost savings through economies of scale)

• Free data management from our data and targeting manager.

• Shared legal expertise and resources from top national lawyers

• Media and message development training

• Training and consultation on communication strategy and planning

• Being a part of a cutting-edge effort to build a permanent progressive infrastructure.