Northwest Health Foundation RFP

One of NWHF’s guiding principles is that “all people should have equal access to a basic level of quality health care.”  Another is that “promoting upstream, systemic change through advocacy is often the most effective strategy for improving community health.” These principles, along with those around equity and social justice, largely shape our work in health care reform advocacy.
As part of this work, we believe the inclusion of a broad array of voices in the health reform conversations is necessary to ensure that the health care system can address the needs of all Oregonians. We’ve been funding these kinds of efforts over the past three years and will continue to do so in 2012.
In 2012, the Oregon Legislature passed the Oregon Health System Transformation bill and the bill that approved the business plan for the Health Insurance Exchange. Now the real work of transforming Oregon’s health care system can begin. Coordinated Care Organizations must be innovative models of health care delivery that save costs, increase quality, and incorporate incentives to keep people healthy, and we have the opportunity to continue to distinguish Oregon as a national leader in heath care.
NWHF is now issuing a request for proposals for 20 grants (five $50,000 grants and 15 $20,000 grants) to provide general operating support of health care reform advocacy activities.
All organizations applying for a grant will also be expected to participate in a health care reform advocacy learning cohort, which will have the dual purpose of increasing the capacity of individual organizations and enhancing the health reform advocacy field in Oregon.  NWHF will release information for this learning cohort in April.
The Intent to apply for the health reform advocacy grants must be submitted by March 27, 2012.
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