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Want to see what collaboration looks like?

Here at Oregon Voice, we want to show the world what coordinated, collaboraitge civic engagement work looks like. Our photo gallery lets you see what the table has been up to, as well as download images to use in your own work.

Marriage for all loving couples becomes a reality in Oregon!

Oregon Voice staff gathered along with other supporters of Marriage Equality at Oregon United for Marriage's Headquarters in Portland awaiting the judge's ruling regarding the ban on same-sex marriage.  The rest, as they say, is history! 

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Celebrating Two Great Years of NAVP

The New American Voters Project just turned 2!  We took the opportunity to gather volunteers, team leads and organizational staff, and our fabulous Secretary of State, Kate Brown to celebrate the success of this great program.  We also honored Evelyn Sahli from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services office, a champoin of this program from the start. After many years of public service, she is retiring this year.  Thank you, Evy!  

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And the award goes to...

In 2013, the National Association of Secretaries of State honored the New American Voters Project for their work in helping newly naturalized citizens to register to vote. The Medallion Award recognizes innovative voter education and engagement work going on all over the country.

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New American Voters Project

In February 2012, three organizations came together to help to register the United States' newest citizens. Each day, New American Voters Project volunteers from Causa, Center for Intercultural Organizing and APANO gather at the United States Center for Immigration Services to help to register people who have become citizens that very day. After a three-month pilot, NAVP is now a regular, committed part of the ceremony's festivities.   


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Our Trainings

With the goal of creating a joint, targeted approach to civic engagement in 2012, Oregon Voice hosted a new training series: Collaborative Action Planning (CAP), facilitated by Lisa Horowitz of StrategyWorks NW.

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Remember when?

In 2010, Oregon Voice's first election year, partner groups registered thousands of Oregonians to vote and activated a huge GOTV effort. Go ahead: take a trip down memory lane.

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