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Honoring Midge Purcell

“Midge Purcell is a friend and ally to many in Oregon, a compassionate diplo... >Read More

Randy Black

 Randy Black takes time out of his schedule every week to help register new American citizens to vote.  Hear him talk about why he does this work, what it means to him, and what has happened in his life as a result of the New American Voters Project. 

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Joseph Santos-Lyons

Joseph's career as an organizer started early. "I was always looking for a strong, empowered positive community of color to be engaged with," he says. Growing up in a mixed-race home in Clackamas County, he was motivated early on to organize and advocate fo... >Read More

Emily McLain

Emily, a native of Forest Grove, first got involved with the Oregon Student Association in 2006 when, as a junior at the University of Oregon, she sat on their student board of directors. She served as the state affairs director of the Associated Students o... >Read More

Andrea Malmberg

Andrea became involved with Oregon Rural Action in 2008 after relocating her family’s sustainable cattle ranch from Wyoming to La Grande, Oregon, and joined the Oregon Voice governing committee in 2009.

Oregon Rural’s mission is to build “strong com... >Read More